Abolish the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings

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Abolishing the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings will create a change that will enable home owners to have their pet family members live in their Strata home without having to obtain Nieghbours approval to do so.

This is because I have had this issue and it caused such heartache and pain over my pets being evicted and I would like to create this change now. This will free the control neighbours have had in Strata Body Corporate owners who have not played fair, played games and tried bullying me to sell using my pets as weapons against me and this was wrong. They had pets yet did not allow me to have the same rights because of jealousy and hate and that type of behaviour is not tolerated in today's world.

This will make a big difference within the community as pets are a major source of loyal companionship and help human beings live a better quality of life and contribute to improving their health and state of wellbeing,  particularly singles and seniors who have no one to keep them company and pets are that.

Pets are important members of the family and nasty neighbours should not be allowed to stop owners having their pet loved ones live with them either. Pets particularly dogs act as a form of added security for families and homes protecting them from bad neighbours and thieves in these troubled times where crime is at its highest around the State and Country.

Join Maverick & I on this journey for change! And help us on this mission around the World to "Abolish the No Pet Policy in Strata Buildings" that is since long outdated in Australia once and for all! Sign this petition now!!

To stop cruelty on all levels because neighbours did not grant owners permission. And as a result countless of pets have been abandoned and lives lost because pet owners had to seize their own pets at animal shelters. Then the animals needlessly were put down as it's difficult for them to find new homes. This caused such trauma and heartace from this very inhumane sad process no pet or family should ever have to experience because of this outdated policy and nasty neighbours being unfair and  bullies.  So now it is time for change and soon enough it will be abolished with all your support everyone so sign this petition now!

Maverick and I are very grateful for all your valued support so far indeed everyone! So spread the word and get all your family and friends on board. Act now and sign this petition to get this important change and together collectively we will do it!

And especially in helping my cherished boy dog Maverick Makris return back to his happy place home with me by the beach where he belongs and loves to play.

It definitely means the world to us both and all the families with pets across the Nation!



Thank you.

Bless you all...