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Allow Australian driver's licenses to be easily transferred in Sweden

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As an Australian living in Sweden I am constantly asked how to get a Swedish driver's license by other Australians and even New Zealanders.

I often have to explain the very long process of how to pass the license, the enormous cost and time to achieve the goal of finally being allowed to drive in Sweden legally.

But here's the thing, we are allowed to drive in Sweden for 1 year legally without going through all this. After a year, we are not legally allowed to drive with it anymore.

If I had chosen to live in Denmark, I could easily have transferred my license. Same goes for England and Norway. Probably a bunch of other countries too.

The Australian Transport Authority lets the Swedes easily transfer their license in Australia and I feel like they should do the same.

As someone who works full-time, I understand the difficulty it can be to make the time to fit in driving license study into my already packed schedule.

It's a lot of commitments in the first year with the added bonus of learning another language on top of all that. I could not imagine what this would be like for someone trying to raise a family, work full-time and learn Swedish.

Driving conditions in Australia are similar in some parts of our huge country.

  • In Cradle Mountain (Tasmania) you can expect snow and ice on tiny, narrow roads on a mountain with giant logging trucks speeding along behind you. 
  • In Melbourne (Victoria), you can experience every winter the flash flooding of city roads. 
  • You could follow this up with a dusty drive along unsealed roads in pretty much every small town in Australia. 
  • You won't have any lights when you drive in South Australia. Our energy crisis means we don't have street lights at night due to the electricity being knocked out by big gusts of wind. Better make sure you have your headlights on whilst you control your car in gale force winds. 
  • Have I mentioned how we have to be careful in Queensland when monsoon season comes around? 
  • And you certainly don't want to be driving through the centre of Australia without preparing before you drive through an area where you won't see a petrol station for days. Breaking down without knowing how to fix your car could certainly mean death out there especially with our lack of cellphone towers. 
  • I know we don't have moose but hitting a kangaroo or a wombat can certainly do some damage to your car.

How about the Swedish Government makes it a little bit easier for the Australians who have already given so much?

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