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A parents worst nightmare;
On November 19, 2017 my two and half year old son Ezra suffered a traumatic brain injury due to being abused by my ex-boyfriend. My son Ezra underwent several surgeries during our stay at the hospital. Ezra had emergency brain surgery where they removed his right bone flap (skull) due to the swelling, they also removed a blood clot and about a half cup of blood from his head. The next day, They put a intraventricular catheter like tube in his brain to help the pressure in his head. We were told Ezra wasn’t going to make it through the night or if he did he would be in a vegetable state. I didn’t care what they said, I wasn’t going to give up On Ezra. Over the next week we had talks with the doctors who were talking to us about Ezra’s quality of life and how things could be and if we wanted to continue forward knowing that he might not ever wake up, open his eyes, move, breath on his own, and how he might need machines to live. But, I didn’t care I was going to do whatever was medically necessary to keep my son alive.
The first week was absolute hell!! You can’t do anything but watch hopelessly while your son is fighting for his life. Your just sitting there wondering if your son is going to make it or not. You sit there knowing your little boy you know and love is gone forever and you’ll never get him back. As the days went on things got better, Ezra did little things like open his eyes here and there. He would move a body part once in a while little things that meant everything to us. So as Ezra was improving he need more surgeries to move forward with his road to recovery. Ezra had a tracheostomy placed(breathing tube), G-tube (Feeding tube) they, put his right bone flap(skull) back in his head. He had a shunt placed to drain access brain fluid, and also another surgery to recoil the shunt to one that they can adjust if needed. So I am asking for this petition to be signed to give perpetrators of child abuse a more more severe punishment because it’s not fair they get to live semi- normal life in prison while my child’s and others children’s/families life’s are forever changed because of abuse. We need to be the advocates for them and be their voice so we can be heard and put an end to child abuse  Thank you for reading our story, and please sign for my son and other children/ families affected by child abuse. The POS who did this is facing a maximum of only 60-90 months!!! My sons life is forever changed, and that’s all he’s facing.

Child abuse is real and it can happen to anyone.

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