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Turkeys are not amusement -they are intelligent lovely creatures

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The dyeing of turkeys to attract customers to Gozzi Farms is an an inhumane spectacle that uses sentient creatures as nothing more than a oddity and entertainment- disconnecting the public from what they really are.  These poor creatures are incubated to be slaughtered only and have a horrible short  existence in captivity without any love or care only to be gawked at by people who will eat them after they are brutally slaughtered during the holidays.  It is a horror that selfish people use these intelligent birds as commodities to be dipped in colors and people think it is "beautiful" and enchanting" totally disconnecting the natural color of the turkeys, their own destiny and their needs. The people that own this farm and  do this to turkeys  are  cruelly exploiting the turkeys for profit and then horrifically  killing them  for detached customers who have been so brainwashed by propaganda- they have no idea what goes on behind closed doors...  These customers would never do this themselves and never SEE what is really happening to the turkeys.   This using animals as gross entertainment and then  behind the scene  slaughtering needs to STOP!!!!  Animals need protection from law makers -they need  rights- they have a right to live from this barbarity.  When will law-makers address this Holocaust?? Animals are not commodities or circus freaks.  When will this torture of sentient , intelligent , loving animals finally come to an end. Farm agricultural animals suffer the most brutal torture ever imaginable and there are absolutely no laws to protect them from any torture, abuse or murder. Anything GOES!!!  WHY???   If people actually saw with their own eyes how these beautiful turkeys came to get their artificial colors and become bald and dead in a plastic bag for them- they would  most probably if they had any kind of heart- not want to continue to support such horrific torture on innocent creatures with their money and put them in their stomachs!!  SAY NO to Gozzi  Turkey Farm -No artificially coloring Turkeys- No horrific Slaughtering Turkeys- behind closed doors. End This Holocaust!!!

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