Stop suppressing non-mainstream economics at Berlin School of Economics and Law

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Threatening the research and teaching of pluralist economics at HWR Berlin

For years, the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) has been known worldwide for its distinct teaching profile, one that encourages critical thinking through interdisciplinarity and heterodox economics. The research institutes of HWR Berlin, in particular the Harriet Taylor Mill-Institute for Economics and Gender Studies and the Institute for International Political Economy Berlin, have been some of the few prolific centres for pluralist economic thinking in Germany.

Now, the further development of interdisciplinary teaching and research at HWR Berlin is being endangered by the job policy and curriculum planning of the Economics Department. The open professorship positions are not allowed to be filled by pluralist economists and teaching curricula are being increasingly redesigned to fit mainstream economic thinking. We, as HWR Berlin alumni, are deeply concerned about the current developments at our alma mater. (more details here, in German only:

Help us make sure that teaching and research of pluralist economics continue! Let the current and future generations of students continue to benefit from the pluralist courses on international economics, macroeconomics, gender studies and sustainable development!

This petition will be submitted to the President of the HWR Berlin, the State Secretary for Science and Research of Berlin and the Dean of the Economics Department at HWR Berlin, in support of teaching and research in heterodox economics and in line with academic freedom.

Please sign the petition and help us keep the HWR Berlin’s distinct tradition alive!