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Add General Sherman to Stone Mountain

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In the debate over Civil War statues, supporters of Confederate monuments argue that the displays are necessary to preserve and honor our nation's history. 

In that spirit, we believe the largest monument in the former Confederacy should honor the most talented military commander ever to set foot in Georgia: General William Tecumseh Sherman. 

General Sherman's brilliant campaign across the South helped hasten the end of America's deadliest conflict by laying bare the myth of Confederate military superiority. His victorious campaign helped President Abraham Lincoln win re-election and secure the passage of the 13th Amendment, ending American slavery forever. 

The existing carvings of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson measure 76 feet tall. General Sherman's likeness should double that, 152 feet, to reflect his definitive victory. 

Sherman had significant faults, namely his later role in campaigns against native Americans and his white supremacist views. But if we can look past the flaws of those who took up arms against the United States in defense of slavery, certainly we overlook the flaws of the man who helped defeat them.

Many white southerners harbor strong negative feelings toward General Sherman. But no stronger than the negative feelings many Americans harbor toward defenders of slavery. After all, as Confederate monument supporters note, we shouldn't sanitize history just to spare feelings - no matter how legitimate they are. 

To truly and accurately honor our history and national heritage, put General Sherman on Stone Mountain! 


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