Stop sex discrimination against girls' dress code at Pacetti Bay Middle Sch & SJC District

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The dress code at Pacetti Bay Middle School (and other schools) is discriminatory against girls at the school.  Girls make up the majority of the recipients of the violations.  The girls are removed from their learning environment, publicly shamed, and have to sit in in-school detention until a parent can bring a change of clothes.  If parents cannot come down, then the girls sit there for the entire day, derailing their entire learning process for the day.  Please note, this is for jeans that have holes in them that barely show any skin just above the knee, leggings and jeggings where everything is appropriately covered by a shirt but perhaps just 1/2" too short, shorts that even though they are NOT DISRUPTIVE, they are just not long enough to reach fingertip length, or shirts that don't fully cover their shoulders.  These are all dress code violations at PBMS.  How could any of these things be a distraction to the learning environment or inappropriate?  The girls are made to feel like they are objects and distractions and that wearing comfortable, appropriate, and respectful clothing that otherwise does not meet the strict requirements is objectifying them as "inappropriate."  Now the school is randomly stopping classes by announcing over the loud speaker DURING CLASS TIME, that all students must stand so their teachers can inspect them for dress code violations.  Students are there to LEARN.  How many boys are "dress-coded" versus girls being "dress-coded?"  We don't know as we don't have the statistics from the school, but almost every student there will tell you it is ALMOST ALWAYS GIRLS BEING DRESS-CODED.  Schools are allowed to have dress codes; however, Title IX does not allow them to discriminate based on sex.  Common sense should prevail and an undue burden should NOT be placed on girls who are being told their clothes are inappropriate and that they are a "distraction."  Is it that important that WHAT a girl is wearing should be called out instead of just letting the kids LEARN?  They are there to LEARN, not be shamed.