Don't build anymore houses in Kedington! Reverse the application from approved to REJECTED for application ANL-140912-225110009

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Don't build anymore houses in Kedington! Reverse the application from approved to REJECTED for application ANL-140912-225110009

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We, the residents of Kedington and surrounding villages are petitioning for St Edmundsbury Borough Council to reverse their decision from approved to REJECTED for the construction of 40+ dwellings plus garages and parking on the plot of land at the junction of Hall Road and Mill Road.

We feel we have not been listened to despite the many objections of local villagers and concerns from councillors such as Tony Brown and the Parish council.

There are many concerns that have not been listened to - these are:

1)    The safety of the school children, inadequate school spaces and parking at school time

2)    Wildlife – destroying the natural habitat of surrounding wildlife such as bats (which are protected), foxes, birds, badgers etc.

3)    Trees – There are tree preservation orders on trees in this land which have been ignored, also the increased risk of flooding and sewage issues.

4)    Infrastructure – there is not enough to support these new houses as well as the new Rose Brook development

5)    Quality of life of villagers and devaluation of their homes

6)    The main road – already dangerous, speeding, extra junction will be detrimental and dangerous

I will now go into more detail about these concerns

1)    The safety of the school children in our village is paramount and should not be overlooked! The school is already overcrowded and many Kedington children are having to go to schools in other areas such as Haverhill, Thurlow etc because they can’t get a space at their village school. If more houses are built the school spaces will be even more stretched and this will result in more families from Kedington having to relocate their children to other schools. We as a village should be able to send our children to our own village school. The new houses will stretch the resources at the school. Also there is no parking and at school drop off and pick up times the parking is atrocious as parents have to park up the side of the road which is dangerous and very nearly causes accidents daily. If these new houses are implemented it will increase the chaos of traffic at peak times on this road already and this will pose a risk to the school children and no doubt end in tragedy.

2)    The homes will destroy the natural habitat for the wildlife surrounding Kedington such as badgers, foxes etc and more importantly bats. The bats should be protected by law under the Bat Conservation Trust and removing this habitat will destroy their homes and also the homes of many other wildlife which is enjoyed by the villagers especially the residents who live opposite the site. Advice must be sought from the Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO) prior to any work being commenced.

3)    There are many trees on this site, are these protected under the tree preservation orders? Has this even been considered that you will be destroying natural habitat. Also we are greatly concerned about sewage and flooding. The area for this site floods very easily and already floods Dash End, and has caused major flooding to several houses down this road already. Putting houses on this site will make this flood risk even worse.

4)    Infrastructure – there is not enough infrastructure in the village to support more housing and families. There is currently only 1 small shop and a newsagents, a butchers, a hairdressers, a Chinese take away and 1 pub. This is not enough to sustain the village which will already be under intense strain due to the development of 65 houses from Bloor homes. To add in another 40 will stretch this too far and will impact greatly on those who already live in the village and use the local amenities.

5)    The quality of life to villagers will be affected immensely, especially to those who would have to live around the site. The current residents of Dash End are very worried and already their homes are devalued as the prospect of having a housing estate opposite them is not desirable. These people bought their houses to spend the rest of their days in and will now have no choice but to move and this will cause great upset and impact their lives. This is not fair, we have already had 65 new homes, we don’t need another 40!

6)    The main road is already a dangerous road with its bend and heavy traffic. Getting over the bridge can be dangerous and more housing will create more traffic which will become a huge problem as this is the main road in and out of the village. Adding in another main junction onto this housing estate will be disastrous and dangerous and cause so much more congestion on an already congested and dangerous roads which we have already mentioned is used daily by a lot of school children and this will affect their safety.

Please reverse this decision and REJECT the planning application. This is not fair to the current residents of the village and the safety implications are far too dangerous to even consider building more houses. We don’t want or need any more houses, our amenities can’t handle any more and it’s not fair to the quality of life for everyone in the village. The whole village will change and we are fearful for the safety of everyone.









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