Government should stop the construction of the Sharia University in Asia at Batticaloa

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To promote Islamic religious ideology, the largest Islamic university in South Asia is being constructed at Punani in Batticaloa, based on the popularity of law.

Financial assistance from Saudi Arabia. Co-sponsored by Sri Lanka Government

This private university, built at a cost of Rs. 1,500 million, has been approved by the government and has commenced work in a land taken over by the government as a project of the government. The name of the Malik Abdullah University Collage, named after the king of Saudi Arabia, has now been called the “Batticaloa campus”. The Hira Foundation sponsors Saudi Arabian financial aids. Saudi Arabia’s main bodyguard, Sheikh Yahan Abdul Aziz Al-Rashid, came to sign the agreement in 2013.

1500 Ulaam priests a year free of charge for Sharia Laws

The creation of 15,000 Islamic theologians from the year 1500 on a 10-year basis, based on the promotion of the Islamic Religious Ideology, is the ultimate objective of organizing graduate courses in Business Management, Medicine, Information Technology and several other subjects. .

This special feature is the opportunity to study Bachelor of Arts in Sharia and Islamic Studies in Islamic Law in Sri Lanka. The authorities have decided not to charge any money for the degree students, and they have already started pre-campaigning through Islamic organizations in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

The head of that government, the Minister and this government is minister

The Director Board of this University is headed by the Minister of State Rehabilitation and Resettlement. El. it. M. Hezbollah. It was here that he started work as the Minister of State for Youth Affairs of last time. Through the ministerial post he worked to get state patronage and public resources for this project. There is a question about his moral right to head a private university, and it is questionable why the parties who are vociferous in these days are not focused on Batticolo Campus and Hizbullah.

Why a Degree of Sharia Laws to Sri Lanka?

The Islamic body is not a law of religious law in Sri Lanka, and under such a background, Sri Lankan citizens are given a free study and a degree in law in Sri Lanka. The authorities should immediately reveal whether the Ministry of Education has granted the grant of an Islamic body (BA) degree.

It’s an open door to extremism

Indian state intelligence has uncovered that several Indian youths who had come to Sri Lanka for further studies in the Qur’an have joined the ISIS terrorists on several occasions. The International Islamic terrorist organization is using Sri Lanka as a migration hub, the Indian intelligence units and intelligence agencies have confirmed. The Eastern Province is a constant battle for extremist gangs that have become a paradise for Islamic extremism. In such a situation, there is a risk that the young Muslims are being brought to the East from Bangladesh, India and the risk of employing Muslims in the East in the Qur’an and in the extreme of extreme cases and extortioning them into extreme activities, and that they have been extortionistically extortioned by the universities.