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Don't Shut the Nosgoth Servers down on May 31st!

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Nosgoth is  a fun game and we love it so anyone else who loves it let me tell you this:

Credit goes to Sluagh for writting this and the whole Nosgoth Community that had a say in the contents of it.

Give Nosgoth a last chance!(and this is why, when you read a letter like that born from all the input and love the fans have.)

-------------------We the Nosgoth Community are devastated that you plan to decommission the game and feel that we cannot let this happen without campaigning to prevent it. The ethos behind the game when it was earlier in development was very much about co-operating with the existing Legacy of Kain community, as well as emergent players. By cancelling the game out of the blue you have created some bitter disappointment, particularly as the player base, although not massive, is steady and reliable. We believe in whatever form Nosgoth was to continue, it could easily become a successful game, and despite causing a lot of heartbreak over the last day or so, you have created an innovative game and rewarding content.

Thus we demand:

- That other development options are opened up. Whether through crowd funding, changes to fees, or an entirely new developer involved, the game should continue in some form.

-That private servers be kept open, so if even static, the game continues in a basic mode.

- That the Launcher be at least fixed to allow for people to enter the game properly.

- That you at least release concept art for the Rahabim. The excuse about not creating false expectations is not sufficient and hardly a significant argument if you choose to close the game anyway.

- That a discussion is had about some of the features of the game such as League and the chest/reward system as for many people these have impeded the game rather than helped it grow.

Despite these demands being made the Nosgoth community are not hostile to SE or Psyonix, although disappointed with the decision making on show. It is not the time here to criticise the video games industry. It was argued that keeping the game live would be impossible without constant development; your player base has people who are willing to perform that development purely from love. Money, labour or promotion are all things that the community are happy to give. Don't squander the good work of so many people and dash good intentions.

Please don't close Nosgoth, our game.




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