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Drakengard Collection for PS4, maybe Nier too

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Drakengard Collection for PS4

NieR: Automata has just released for the PS4. The sequel and (standalone title) to NieR.

It seems the perfect opportunity to me, to show the majority of people where it all started.

Drakengard 3 suffered major frame problems, though it was a very good and underrated game, same goes with Drakengard 1.

If a collection is going to happen these two should be in the collection without doubt. Since Drakengard 2 takes place in a different universe and was published by ubisoft.

Yoko Taro created a masterpiece with NieR Automata. Give this credit and show the majority of players how good his convoluted story telling is!

And if it's not much to ask, just put the original NieR in the collection aswell, maybe with an option to choose between brother or father Nier.

Spread the word!

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