Spain and Portugal: It's Time To Ban Exotic Animal Acts!! Stop Circus Cruelty!!

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One elephant died and two others were injured when a circus truck carrying five of the animals crashed in southeastern Spain. Emergency services had to use a crane to winch one of the animals from the road, and the dead elephant was removed from a ditch by the side of the motorway where its body ended up following the accident. The animals belong to the Gottani Circus, which performs many shows throughout Spain and Portugal. How much longer are we going to allow this atrocity to continue? I say enough of this!

All animals, especially elephants, suffer terribly in the circus industry. They lead lives of sadness, constant fear, and despair. Animals forced to perform in a circus are deprived of physical and social needs, confined in small spaces, spending excessive time shut in trailers and train cars. These animals often demonstrate heartbreaking abnormal behaviors such as rocking, swaying, and pacing - indicating they are in distress and not coping with their abusive environment. Evidence from numerous animal-rights groups shows these animals are forced to perform tricks through physical violence, fear, and intimidation.

The European Union has left it up to the individual member nations to ban exotic animal acts. Most European countries have already banned the use of wild animals in circuses, but Spain and Portugal are some of the few who still allow this cruel exploitation to continue. Please join me in signing this petition and saying to Spain and Portugal: "Enough of this Atrocity!" We demand that the Spanish and Portuguese governments ban exotic animal acts!!