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Extend Burger Kings Lease beyond 2016 at Southampton General hospital

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Burger king, although felt by many as unhealthy has been a lifeline by many patients and visitors to Southampton General and princess Ann hospitals. The food provided by the hospital is cooked in Guilford and driven an hour to Southampton where it's microwaved and any remaining goodness is zapped. My wife through various different illness' and hospital visits has been let down by the hospital either getting her order completely wrong, food not turning up or being offered or being out of bed when the food does arrive only to arrive back to find a cold meal or nothing. Many times I have had to buy Burger King mea for her which is cooked on site. When having to go to A&E paintient s are not offered food of any sort except the vending machine. Wait s can be up to 6hours before being seen by a doctor and even longer once through to the A&E department s. Yes Burger king may not provide the healthiest of foods but it's quality is much higher than that of the hospital. Southampton General will be making a big mistake if they don't extend the lease beyond 2016. Please sign our petition not only for yourself burger king for the thousands that use it as a lifeline

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