Sony, please don't shut down the PSN store on PS3 & PS Vita

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Sony, you are the literal king of the console market. You have won every single console generation in sales numbers since the PS1 launched in 1994. By the end of its life cycle, the PS1 sold over 120 million units. The PS2, over 155 million units and still the most successful console of all time. The PS3, over 80 million units even with its rocky start and the 2011 hack. And the PS4, your comeback story from the PS3, selling over 114 million units and counting. You’re almost there at overtaking your PS2 numbers. But now there’s a problem.

On November 11, 2006, you launched the PlayStation Network, a new and integral way in connecting players with developers and publishers and players around the world. With the launch of the PSN store, developers no longer had as many restrictions on their game design, get paid more for their hard work, and more people can access their work. But with the launch of the PS5, you decided to remove the option to access the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP content on the website and mobile apps and only on PS3 and Vita consoles directly. I and many other users didn’t enjoy this decision but we accepted it since we know the PSP and Vita didn’t meet the numbers you wanted and we still had access in some form. We even accepted the removal of buying/renting films and buying tv shows from PSN since that wasn’t a commonly used feature. But this isn’t about that.

Rumors have been circulating recently that you’re thinking of completely shutting down the entirety of the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP content areas of the store. That’s more than half of your entire store, made completely inaccessible to new and old users who may want to experience games they missed out on or regain to content they bought previously. You’re also destroying access to hundreds of thousands of developers' work, no matter the significance to the history of gaming. Any games claimed via PlayStation Plus on PS3 or Vita will be made void as without the option to authenticate a user’s subscription via the internet, they’re unplayable! Your former main competitor, Microsoft, still keeps the Xbox Live store online on the Xbox 360 in 2021. They also still have sales on games and dlc and give away X360 games monthly with a Gold subscription! Your last sale on PS3 and Vita content was in January 2020, stop sitting on easy money! Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Youtube would also be completely useless and not everyone has a PS4, smart tv, tablet, etc to keep up with their favorite content! I get that maybe the upkeep isn’t necessary in your eye since you’re not as big as say Valve but as I mentioned earlier, the PlayStation has always been the dominant console in sales since its inception. So I ask, please don’t shut down access to the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP content areas of the PSN store. The store turns 15 years old this year and I don’t want to see all that content just disappear in an instant.

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