Another Flick For Cliff Booth by QT

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After "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" hit theaters for almost three months, almost everyone who watched it fallin In love with the characters in that movie, especially Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt). It's essentially Cliff Booth's characters give us a sense of adventure and an easy going guy who drive around downton LA are easy to like. Can we have another flick from quentin tarantino to make Cliff Booth's stand-alone movie? Either it's going to be on cinema (prequel or 10th Movie for QT) or streaming platform (series). And I believe i'm not the only one who wants to experience another Cliff Booth's adventure and hit the road.  Thank You, Quentin to make a such masterpiece. *PS : The story could be about Cliff Booth post split from Rick or maybe...........(put your wild imagination) whatever it is to make this happen as wild as possible.