Demon's Souls: Remake for PC

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It is clear that Sony wants to make the new Demon's Souls a system seller for the PS5. I'm not here to intervene with that. This petition is made with the intention of showing that there is an audience on PC, specifically on Steam that is willing to pay full price for a PC-port of the new Demon's Souls remake, even if it is released one to a few years later on PC.
It is kept in mind that there already exists an audience for the Dark Souls games on PC that is not insignificant.
Also Horizon: Zero Dawn was released on PC with a delay without interfering with the sales of the original game on the PS4.

Since this is a reMAKE and the system architecure of the new consoles gets more similar to this of a PC, a PC-port should not be as time-consuming as it would've been back with the PS3, if done properly.

I consider this a win-win-situation for everybody. More sales for Sony with only little additional effort and a flourishing PC-community for the game that started it all.