Save the Del Mar Bluff--Say No To Rezoning Initiative

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Del Mar Citizens: Stop rezoning initiative put on the March ballot by the developer. VOTE NO on Measure G on March 3, 2020.

Solana Beach Citizens/City Council: Support the campaign against Measure G, as this project would impact Solana Beach without any benefit to the city.

It's all in your hands now. WE NEED YOUR HELP resisting a deep-pocketed developer from taking over our coastal villages:

Voter approved initiatives allow developers to create their own project requirements and skirt any LOCAL POWERS or citizen input to modify the project plan. If the Design Review Board demands significant changes, the developer initiative would prevail. 

NO STORY POLES will be put up before the vote, so a civil engineer and draftsman put together the model above based on the Marisol Conceptual Site Plan (Figure 3-6) coupled with the height proposed by the initiative. This video accurately represents the 46-foot height, minus roof-top equipment, even though the buildings in the model are 15% larger than the maximum allowed by the FAR of 57% (410,923 sf). 


  • Establishes a dangerous precedent for rezoning all of Del Mar for future development.
  • Encroaches on CURRENT PUBLIC ACCESS to the James C Scripps Nature Preserve gifted to the City of Del Mar.
  • Increases traffic congestion significantly on Via de la Valle, local neighborhood streets, and the 101, which already ties up during rush hour.
  • Threatens a fragile bluff that's quickly disintegrating with direct waves carving out the sandstone below and heavy rains eating away at the top. 

Your citizens live in these small beach communities precisely because of strict building ordinances and local control over all building projects. Preserve the last bits of paradise left that past generations have fought to protect for all the generations to come.