Save the Del Mar Bluff--Say No To Rezoning

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Del Mar City Council: Retain the existing zoning of 16-22 single family homes on the North Bluff adjacent to the Scripps Bluff Nature Preserve Park.

Solana Beach City Council: Do everything in your power to stop the proposed mega development hotel/condos. Both Del Mar Beach Colony and Solana Beach neighborhoods will suffer from blocked views of an iconic bluff, snarled traffic, and year-round visitors on an already overcrowded shared public beach.

This is not a done deal. Zephyr/Robert Green only has options to purchase the land, and the purchase depends on them gaining approvals. PLUS they have just announced a voter initiative that if approved, skirts ALL LOCAL POWER to change their project plan and publishing an Environmental Impact Report.

Zephyr’s Pitch: "We listened" and here's the "redesign" that's 40% smaller. Well, that's misleading, as they seem to have a special approach to math. 

It's still a FOUR-STORY BUILD (46'), but they call it "3-story," for FOUR TIMESHARE CONDO TOWERS at the heart of the bluff. Project totals 329,900 sf of buildings on 11.8 acres, with timeshares, hotel, restaurant, meeting space, pool, and 14,100 sf of "retail," plus underground parking for 408 cars, 22 "affordable housing units" of 732 sf each for families of 4, perched right on the 101.

Only the hotel rooms have been reduced to 65, BUT the timeshares can be rented as hotel rooms, bringing the "key" count to 190 if the affordable and the "lo-cost" hotel rooms are moved elsewhere in Del Mar.

Same negatives for everyone PLUS ONE ADDITIONAL NEGATIVE:

Zephyr's Voter initiative, if approved, protects the builder from environmental lawsuits under California law.  Even if he publishes an Environmental Impact Report, it means less than zero, as the voter initiative takes precedence as the legal project plan. DEL MAR CITY COUNCIL would have no power to change the project plan. Approval essentially waives the right to sue if building causes a landslide on an already crumbling bluff, people are hurt or worse. Who is next in line for litigation?

Negates the City of Del Mar Community Development Plan that calls for 16-22 two-story homes (26') on that property. Re-zoning establishes a dangerous precedent for further development. Developers would be energized to bulldoze the entire landscape, double density, and obliterate zoning and green, open space. 

Encroaches on PUBLIC ACCESS to the North Bluff Preserve gifted to the City of Del Mar from the Scripps Foundation as public open space with 0' setback from 46' and 32' buildings. They still are claiming the Preserve for themselves--just published a photo of a bench overlooking the ocean--and it ON A PUBLIC PARK!

Increases traffic congestion significantly on Via de la Valle and the 101, as well as surrounding neighborhoods, by approximately 1,775 car trips per day.

Threatens fragile sandstone bluff already eroding with no buildings, that's already a threat to public safety given current rapid rates of erosion, and may destabilize the entire geological formation and the buildings next door.

Adds ~500 people year-around to a crowded, narrow beach, which will spill over onto adjacent beaches, as Dog Beach is bursting to capacity from May-September.

The proposed project would irrevocably change the look and feel of our beachside cities and severely impact our everyday experience.  Just Say NO to Rezoning—Save the Bluff.