Restore the forest cover in Kashmir!

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Kashmir was pre eminently the land of forests which among other things were the mainstay of its economy.Kashmir was known as a happy combination of the mighty splendor of mountains,of lovely glades and forests which even exceled much adored Switzerland. A variety of trees spurce,pine,fir,birch,maple, beech, hazel,oak once  gracefully  decorated  valley.

In the backdrop of present unrest forests are the victims of this onslaughts of human greed and the result is that we have lost a considerable forest cover.

As consequences we are facing the rage of the nature in the form of drought,floods, increasing temperature, melting of glaciers, seasonal changes, erratic rainfall,soil erosion, loss of wildlife, shrinking of water bodies and ofcourse diminishing oxygen O2.

We cannot live long by  waging a war with nature so our appeal is to all stakeholders , govt agencies ,law makers and common masses to initiate a mega drive of reforestation as has been said by one of the most revered Saint Hazrat Sheikh Noor u din Reshi RA " food will last till forests will last"