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#SaveSOASLibrary Update & Request to Supporters

Dear #SaveSOASLibrary supporter,

First, SOAS Library staff would like to thank you for signing our petition and supporting our #SaveSOASLibrary campaign against the proposed cutting of 25% of current library staff at SOAS, University of London. We have been greatly touched by the support and solidarity shown by so many students, academics, fellow library staff, and members of the public. Over 5,400 people have now signed our petition and formal letters of concern about the proposals have been submitted to SOAS by many academic associations and bodies. We’ve also held two fantastically well attended campus rallies against the cuts and yesterday our students organised a solidarity action in the library.

We are contacting you today to ask one more favour. We are asking all our supporters to email their opposition to the SOAS Library cuts to SOAS management’s One Professional Service consultation email - by the deadline at the end of Friday 18th January 2019. Your submission needn’t be long (it could simply repeat your comments on our petition) but every submission counts and helps demonstrate the breadth of the opposition to the library cuts.

There is further information about the proposed SOAS Library cuts and our campaign on our Wakelet website. Including our point-by-point response to the claims made by SOAS Registrar, Paula Sanderson, in her December public statement  (+ Q&A) on the proposed cuts. Please also follow our Twitter account: @SaveSOASLibrary and Facebook page: SaveSOASLibrary.

Thank you again for your support and solidarity,

#SaveSOASLibrary Campaign

Email: / Twitter: @SaveSOASLibrary / Facebook: SaveSOASLibrary / Wakelet website:

3 years ago