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Say No to Smoothie King Styrofoam

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I'm a senior and a student-athlete in high school, and I love to have Smoothie King after a workout but hate their Styrofoam (EPS) cups.  I go to my local Smoothie King a lot, (my family might probably say too much!) and every time I finish my smoothie and drop my foam cup in the trash I feel so guilty knowing that its neither recyclable nor biodegradable material, so recently I decided to look a bit deeper into the issue.  

Styrofoam is dangerous to the health of our environment and potentially our own health; thus, cities like New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and countless others have banned the use of Styrofoam products. 

EPS - aka expanded polystyrene - (or Styrofoam by its brand name) is made from styrene which is classified as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen", and workers who create EPS are exposed to benzene, a known carcinogen.  Not only is it dangerous to us, Styrofoam has also been found in several studies in the bodies of marine organisms as a result of its extremely long lifetime.

In 2012, Jamba Juice pledged to go Styrofoam-free after a successful petition, and I'm hoping that Smoothie King will have the same foresight as part of their vision to become an "integral part of every health and fitness plan".  Materials that are toxic to our environment and the organisms around us, as well as our own wellbeing, only serve to hinder their mission.

Instead, possible alternatives include paper (uses renewable resources such as trees and water and can be made with post consumer material) and other more recyclable plastics, including polypropylene, which Dunkin Donuts has chosen to replace their foam cups with.  In addition, another profitable solution could be the implementation of a reusable cup program, similar to the successful program utilized by Starbucks. 

Let's get rid of Styrofoam nationwide.  Join me in saying no to Styrofoam!  Let's opt for products made from renewable resources, or more readily recyclable materials, and choose to reuse. 

Watch my short video for more information on the consequences of Styrofoam on the world we live in.  We must take action together to protect our home - there is no Planet B.

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