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SM Entertainment to stream one of SHINees dome concerts in honor of Jonghyun

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18th December, 2017 has been the saddest day in our SHINee family. Kim Jonghyun was found dead in a room. He committed suicide. No one has ever expect this to happen. No one did ever know how much he was in pain and suffered from his own thoughts. We all were in a deep grief but we tried our best to honor our puppy. We made memorial places in different countries, and Jonghyun gave us a sign by turning the moon into a blue one. We understood it with our broken hearts. He is happy now whereever he is. Now we go on, trying to fix our broken heart and coming over this tragic lost. 

Beside our pain and tears, we are trying our best to comfort the rest of SHINee. Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin. We are willing to support them as long as they want to continue as SHINee. We are one big family. We are always there for each other and we want to give each other strength. 


Now we are really happy that they want to continue their tour in Japan. Since we all know this will take a lot for them to be on stage without Jonghyun, we only want the best way to support them. Therefore not all of us can offer a ticket to support them in Japan and on their first concert after the lost, I thought about the concert Linkin Park made for Chester to honor him. First they were not sure to stream it on YouTube but in the end they did. I was one of them who watched it at home, and it was literally one of the best feelings because it felt like I was really there and gave them strength somehow. And they gave strength back to me. 


It doesn't have to be the first one. The boys should choose by themselves. Maybe they will think about doing a memorial concert for Jonghyun and will broadcast that one for us. Think about that please.


So why shouldnt SM Entertainment to the same for the Shawols all around the world? We all want to be there for our boys when they go back on stage and send them somehow our cheers and strength. Let's make this happen Shawols! 

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