Release of statement about Winwin's current situation by SM Ent.

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Release of a statement about Winwin's current situation by SM Entertainment

As you may or may not have noticed, lately NCTzens have been quite disappointed and angry about SM Ent. lack of information about Winwin's current situation. On Twitter hashtags such as #DSC_DeservesBetter, #DSC_IsNCT127 and #Protect_WW have been used since the beginning of the year to manifest the need of a clarification regarding the artist's upcoming schedules with his original debut unit, NCT 127. Indeed, lately Winwin's presence seems to be eliminated from NCT 127's official activities and many fans are worried and fed up about this. The continuous mistreatment by SM Ent. towards the artist has brought to the creation of the hashtag mentioned earlier, hoping that the Entertainment company will release a statement about Winwin's position and situation within the NCT project. To those of you who aren't familiar with the group, Winwin is one of the original line-up members of NCT 127 and recently debuted with the sub-unit WayV, which is signed under a chinese agency and shouldn't interfere with the NCT project, being itself a part of it. What fans want to know is wheter (and when) Winwin is going to re-join his original group and why he has been eliminated in banners, photobooks etc. that are given in NCT 1st World Tour 'Neo City: The Origin'. For all of these reasons, we kindly ask SM Entertainment to release a statement about Winwin's current and future position within the NCT project.