EXO's Chen needs protection!

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Dear SM Entertainment,

We are here again to ask your managers and legal team to take actions about what is happening to the EXO member, Kim Jongdae, and his family. The EXOL fandom is truly agitated, especially the k-fandom. 

We, international EXOLS, are watching all the massive hate, both on LYSN and social media like Twitter, that is happening since January 13th. All of EXO members has easy acess to those social media and apps and they may end up seeing those kind of bad comments. We know that the company can’t control the apps, but it should take a standfast against those crimes that a lot of antis have commited, for example, the leak of private information from the artist. 

Since the marriage announcement and Jongdae’s fiance's pregnancy, he is receiving many types of threats and also his private informations are being leaked by antis. One more time, we, international EXOLS, fight every single day to stop this malicious accounts and those leaked informations. We want an effective protection to Jongdae’s life and his family. He needs to have his privacy respected.

In the last few days we’ve been following fans of another groups of the company claiming for a statement about the attacks that their favorite artists are suffering. That said, recently the company have released some important reports saying that they’re going to take legal measures to protect those artists, however, this interest doesn’t seem to reach everyone whos under its brand. On the contrary, the company clearly seems to censor and omit all the attacks that EXO’s Kim Jongdae has been suffering for all this time. 

When Chanyeol and Sehun were broadcasting the Idol League, there was an uncomfortable interruption and both of them weren’t allowed to say a fan’s ID, that were already known to them, just because it was related to Jongdae. This is another censorship by the company for having anything linked to him. In addition to that, there is a fact that the company told to EXOLs that they weren’t responsible for the attacks that Jongdae were receiving on the LYSN app, however they took legal actions for the harassment that other artists were suffering in the same app.

All this has reached a level that is no longer about the hate and things that are only spoken on the internet. They are physically threatening him, the last case was an EXOL that saw a post on Weibo of a person saying that if she saw Jongdae on the streets she would throw muriatic acid on him. This is too worrying! They are crossing all the lines! How far will they go? Will SM Entertainment wait for a tragedy to happen before take actions?

It’s really exhausting to realise that we seem to be walking in circles. For months we are asking for Jongdae’s protection, but the company’s silence is distressing, the only confirmation we got at February 20th was that SM Entertainment informed us that EXO is still 9. But this is not enough! We want more protection, we want that Jongdae’s mental and physical integrity to be protected. We want you to take hard measures against those bad people with bad intentions who, besides the threatening, are leaking private information from the artist, which is already a crime.

We have a huge concern about what might happen, due to the massive threats that he has been suffering and the neglect of the company. As an artist, he should receive any kind of protection that is possible. For example, EXOLACECAFE is an account made by antis and they’re spreading fake informations about Jongdae just to make a bad image from him.

We don’t agree with this kind of behavior that comes from part of the k-fandom. Today, international EXOLS are growing up around the world, we managed to make EXO more recognized every single day, we’re fighting for better results on goodies, physical and digital sales and also promotion out of Asia. Although the company pretend to didn’t see us, we made a big impact on EXO’s career, therefore the k-fandom demands shouldn’t be considered, due to the large number of fans that EXO contains around the globe. Even if the company doesn’t value the effort of the international fandom and doesn’t see us with great relevance, today, we’re a very large part of the fandom, unlike the small portion that the company still listens to, which comes from part of the k-fandom. 

That said, we ask you to take legal measures about the case in your artist’s protection favor also their mental and physical integrity. We also ask you to do a more firm and imposing position of the company in front of the press. We want more confirmations and proofs that those measures are going to be done by SM Entertainment. 

Protect the artist is not only a fandom duty, but it’s a mutual duty of the fandom and the company, mainly of the company. SM Entertainment manages Kim Jongdae’s career, it’s its duty to do something about it. 

We are sending attached to this letter a folder with all of bad comments that we found out online and also some physical actions that antis made against Kim Jongdae. We ask you again to do something, we need a statement from the company.

We look foward for your answer and we appreciate your attention.

International EXOLS.

Link to the folder: https://bit.ly/3draB1c