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Bring Super Junior to Canada!

Super Junior's popularity has risen over the years. They've already had countless "world" tours, but they have yet to perform in Canada. Super Junior has tons of international fans, probably the most of all KPOP artists. We want SM entertainment to finally realize that their fans are willing to pay to see them perform live in Canada. Concerts held in South Korea are just too far away for Canadians to attend. In addition, Henry Lau, one of the Super Junior members is originally from Canada, so wouldn't it be wonderful for him to be able to perform in his hometown? I'm sure it would be a wonderful experience for all the members, since performing overseas would not only give them more confidence in their very own abilities, but also the satisfaction of knowing that their music has touched the hearts of many across the globe. They have thousands of fans here, just like they do in Asia, so why not? Sign this petition and let's try to bring Super Junior a little closer to home.

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