Close Indonesia's Cruel Bird Markets

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Our forests are becoming silent. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of birds have trapped and taken into the city, locked up in small cages in people’s homes, all to hear a bird sing. A great many birds die during capture, transport, and in cages, when they belong in the forest.Their suffering is unimaginable.

FLIGHT was formed as a direct response to the massive scale of songbird trade in Indonesia, most of which involves the trapping of wild birds to supply the demand. This is driving many species to declines and even local extinctions in the wild.

Throughout all of Indonesia there are hundreds of cruel bird markets. Most of those selling birds have no licence. They operate illegally. These markets are not only an illegal trade hub, but also a place where unspeakable cruelty occurs.

They buy wild caught birds illegally from poachers with no licence to catch birds.

Wild populations of birds are rapidly declining. Our forests are falling silent.

Some dealers claim to breed birds to sell. We have seen no evidence of breeding.

Most people who buy birds have no experience. The birds are neglected and quickly die.

This trade in birds is totally unsustainable, mostly illegal, and it needs to be stopped now, before it is too late for what few birds remain in the wild.

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