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Ban Elephant Rides in Indonesia

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It's time to end elephant riding at many zoos in Indonesia. There are still many zoos and safari parks rely on elephant ride attractions to attract visitors. A cruel tourist attraction that is proven to be harmful to elephants must finally come to an end.  

Elephant riding often exploited from morning till afternoon to take visitors around the areas of the zoo. Visitors are subject to a fee to be able to enjoy elephant riding.

Since Yani death, a sumateran elephant, Bandung Zoo has stopped elephant riding. Some zoos which still use elephant riding in Indonesia are Taman Safari Indonesia, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Semarang Zoo, Medan Zoo, Gembira Loka Zoo, Jambi Zoo and others.

We asks for all zoos and safari parks across Indonesia to totally stop as soon as possible all elephant ridings because this attraction is one of 10 cruellest wildlife attractions in the world. Elephant riding has no educational value, but it will only make elephants suffer for the sake of amusement. And we ask the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to ban elephant riding.

Elephant riding ranks in the top 10 cruellest animal attractions. World Animal Protection, an international wildlife protection organization has issued a list of 10 cruellest animal attractions.


Please sign, share, and let your voice be heard in calling for an end to elephant rides in Indonesia.

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