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Justice for labour! 捍衛勞工權益!

Justice for labour!  Sign to support CX Cabin Crew!

Cathay Pacific Airways has been named Caring Company for 13th consecutive years by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS).  However, what’s behind the scene is absolutely on the contrary - i.e. endless dictatorship and oppression.  Below are some recent examples:

1. 11% discrepancy of salary increment for Cabin Crew who have their contract renewal in the same month, under the same employment condition.

2. Disregarded her own laid down policy and the agreement signed with the Union in calculating the outport meal allowance.

3. Removal of full coverage in legal support to Cabin Crew when handling unruly passengers.

FAU is now pleading for the support from the general public of Hong Kong and workers around the world to sign this petition in supporting CX Cabin Crew to fight for our "Labour Right".


簽名支持國泰空中服務員, 捍衛勞工權益!


1. 於相同條件下受聘之員工在續約後有11%的薪酬偏差, 可謂同約不同酬。

2. 違反與工會就外站津貼所簽定之協議及公司內部政䇿。

3. 取消現行空服員於執行職務時之全面法律保障,包括空服員在處理乘客的衝突、 紛爭及影響航機安全時所遇到的情況。


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  • Sign to support cx cabin crew! 簽名支持國泰空中服務員!

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