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Stop Russian aggression against Crimea, Ukraine

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After reading the worrying news about Russia and Ukraine, we came to realize that everything that happens in Crimea is not an illusion or a bad dream. We realized that the worst scenario of the Ukrainian crisis is happening right now - Russian tanks soon might be in a foreign land.

When the situation concerned the internal confrontation in Ukraine, we could remain passive and satisfy ourselves only by discussing to what extent Russian authorities influenced the events in the neighbouring Ukraine. But now, when Russia officially and publicly interferes in the situation, when there is heavy military on the roads of Crimea, and the sea is covered with the Russia's Black Sea fleet, when on top of the lies coming from the federal TV channels we now hear propaganda in Simferopol provoking Crimeans for a civil war -- this is no longer an internal affair of Ukraine. This is also responsibility of Russia.

Therefore, we demand the Russian authorities to stop the despicable and dangerous provocation -- and immediately remove all the military troops from the Ukrainian territory.


To our fellow Russian citizens: do not believe the state propaganda and do not support the potential war! We must show our friends in Ukraine that another viewpoint exists in Russia, that there are people who do not support the propaganda and use other arguments apart of tanks. Now more than ever we need to show respect to historic choices of our neighbours and try to gain their respect.

To the Russian military in Crimea: do not follow the criminal orders! Remember that your task is to protect Russia, but not to interfere into the business of a sovereign state. There is no threat to our country at the moment, therefore the only thing that needs protection is Russia’s honor.

To the Crimeans: you are being played in a very cynical political game, all under cover of protecting your interests. Do not fall for provocations! We are sure that all Russians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and all other people of Crimea want peace most of all. We know that finding an agreement is hard, but possible - but it won’t happen through an interference of a foreign state.

To all Ukrainians: please believe us, there are many Russians that disagree with the Russian authorities. We are hurt and ashamed that the government using our name and weakness of the situation at the moment to interfere and break the independent country into parts. We know you are able to resolve your confrontations internally. Please remember that Russia has so many people who love and respect Ukraine. Stay strong, friends.


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