#StopAdani: Siemens, stop greenlighting climate killers!

#StopAdani: Siemens, stop greenlighting climate killers!

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Anne & Jakob hat diese Petition an Siemens AG gestartet.


Technology corporation Siemens is the only company which is still agreeing to build the railway signaling systems for the new climate-damaging Carmichael coal mine in Australia. This project, pursued since 2014 and pushed through after years of lobbying, could develop into the world's largest-ever coal mine.

The entire globe is already being affected by the effects of the climate catastrophe. Storm surges, heat waves, crop failures, dying animal species, rising sea levels - there is a reason that more and more cities and countries are declaring a climate emergency. It's a well-known fact-and Siemens Australia CEO Jeff Connolly and Siemens Germany CEO Joe Kaeser know this too: that the immense consumption of fossil fuels is fueling climate change like nothing else. Coal is by far the most harmful to the climate. The fact that Siemens, despite this knowledge, wants to actively support this sector leaves us speechless.

In its own position paper, Siemens says that "climate change makes decarbonization necessary" and that "Siemens is taking a leading role" when it comes to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

Now is the time for Siemens to send out a real signal and put its words from the position paper into action!

We call on Siemens: Publicly distance yourself from the Adani Project and stop paving the way for it! More than 60 companies have already officially rejected this climate-damaging and therefore inhumane project - and Siemens can do the same!

The list of companies that have rejected the cooperation: https://www.marketforces.org.au/info/key-issues/theadanilist/#out

Coal mining in the new Carmichael coal basin would result in several billion tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. The rights of the indigenous Wangan and Jagalingou people to their land will be trampled underfoot in favour of profits and their ancestral lands destroyed. The Great Barrier Reef, already more than 50 percent dead as a result of climate change, would die even faster as a result of increased shipping traffic. How can Siemens be responsible for supporting this project?

Greenlighting the Adani project with railway signaling systems would expose the company as greedy and untrustworthy.

The good news is that Siemens employees have already stood up and, due to this resistance the signing of the contract with the mine operator Adani has been postponed. Siemens had granted a week to decide whether or not to do business with the conglomerate owned by Indian billionaire Gautam Adani.

Since then, tens of thousands of people in Australia and other parts of the world have taken to the streets and demonstrated in front of Siemens buildings. The result so far: The contract has still not been signed. Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens Germany, has announced via Twitter that he will provide more detailed information about the problem and take a stand.

Time is pressing. And we must now make our demand emphatic. This conflict must not be sat out by Siemens and Adani. Therefore: Please join our demand and sign and share this petition! 

Anne Dittmann & Jakob Schleicher

active with Extinction Rebellion Berlin

PS: We are not only launching this petition, but we are also regularly involved in street actions. This petition is only one part of a very important fight for a climate emergency and against the climate crisis. As members of Extinction Rebellion we are convinced that the most effective means to bring about political and social change is peaceful protest and civil disobedience in the streets. If you are concerned about the climate crisis and the climate emergency, we invite you to get involved: Sign the petition, start your own petitions and join us, or other climate activists, in the streets! 

0 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 10.000.
Bei 10.000 Unterschriften wird die Petition mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit eine Antwort der Entscheidungsträger*in bekommen!