The Shiatsu Society should be more cautious on difference of Japanese/ Chinese Culture.

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Shiatsu is a form of massage invented in Japan. There were some Japanese Shiatsu practitioner taught it to Western people. 

Shiatsu Society is using bamboo theme as their symbol, which is not representing Japanese culture. (

Bamboo is rather used as a symbol of China, together with image of Panda.

Shiatsu in Western world also teach their students Shiatsu is a part of "Traditional Chinese Medicine" which we Japanese call "Eastern Medicine".

None of Japanese people will be happy to know about that because Japan has never been a part of China. Japan has been independent from it's beginning, and had never been invaded until 2 world wars. 

Some of Shiatsu schools in England teach Qi-gong and Shiatsu together.

They don't call the concept of energy "Ki", which is the proper pronunciation in Japan. They call it Qi (Chi), which is Chinese pronunciation.

We think this stem from the European education do not teach differences between Asian countries. 

We understand if they don\t know about us, however, if they are Shiatsu practitioners, they should know the differences.

We noticed people leaned Japanese martial arts know the differences. They even tell us the culture we didn't know about.

In England, Shiatsu schools are teaching it only once a month.

They don't have sufficient time to know differences also they are not keen to teach them.

The bamboo motif is one of the result of these issues.

We would like them to respect differences between Japan and China, and we don't want them to put these completely different cultures in one pot.

We would like to ask you to sign this petition in order to show how strong we feel about this issue.

 Also we would like to achieve these points below:

1. No Qi-gong should be taught in Shiatsu schools in the UK

2. Do lectures of Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" culture, which is deeply related to Shiatsu.

3. Do lectures of Japanese design patterns, so their members will not use mixed concept in their brochures and business cards

4. Call  "気" "Ki" as this is Japanese .

5. Do lectures of concept of Ki. Japanese use of Ki is not only used in "How are you? (Ogenki desuka)" There is Japanese "Ki" culture which don't exist in China and anywhere else. 

I have suggested these points to the chair years ago, however it was ignored by the society.



英国の指圧協会(Shiatsu Society)はプロの指圧師が登録するプロフェッショナル集団です。


また、日本で「東洋医学」と呼ばれているものは、英語の指圧の教科書では"Chinese Medicine(中国医学)" と呼ばれています。



その上、一部の指圧学校では、チゴン(中国の気功)を指圧と一緒に教えており、「気」は"Ki" と呼ばれず、"Qi(チ)"と呼ばれています。













1. 英国の指圧学校で中国式の気功(Qi-gong)は教えないこと。

2. メンバーに向けて日本の「わびさび」文化を教える

3. メンバーがリーフレットや名刺を作るときに中国のデザインと混同しないよう、日本のデザインと中国のデザインの違いを教える


4. 気は「キ」で統一、中国式の「チ」と読まない

5. メンバーに向けて、日本の気遣い文化を教える。「気」という単語が使われるのは「お元気ですか」の一文だけではない。気は日本にしかない気文化のなかで使われている。それと指圧の気は間接的に関連している(「気が強い」「気が弱い」など)ので、日本人の気に対する理解は早い。


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