Perché Armando Verdiglione non venga lasciato in pericolo di vita in carcere

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Facciamo appello perché Armando Verdiglione, editore, scrittore e imprenditore culturale, non venga lasciato in pericolo di vita nel carcere di Opera. Facciamo appello perché venga curato in ospedale e possa scontare la detenzione nel suo domicilio, come è consentito dalla giustizia italiana a chi ha più di settanta anni di età. 


WE LAUNCH AN APPEAL because Armando Verdiglione is in danger of life.
Armando Verdiglione, publisher, writer and cultural entrepreneur, has been charged for tax crimes. Contrary to the Court of Appeal Attorney General request for discharge, the High Court rejected the appeal on formal issues and the grounds of the Court’s decision are still to be published.
Born 1944, now 74 years old, he consigned himself spontaneously and is convicted in the Italian prisons since September 5 th , 2018. Since then he lost more than 20 kg and is now seriously ill.
We promote a public appeal to ask for Armando Verdiglione not being left in danger of life in the Milan-Opera prison. We ask for him to be allowed to receive medical care in a public hospital and to be granted home detention, as allowed by Italian Law to who is over 70 years of age.