End inhumane animal cruelty on Australian cattle, dairy, pig, poultry farms & abattoirs!

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Last year there was a public outcry after an ABC Four Corners program revealed the horrific treatment and living conditions of Australian livestock - both on export ships and in Asian abattoirs. Last October, "Dominion" - a very disturbing documentary was released and available for free download online: https://www.dominionmovement.com/watch This documentary exposes the lies and myths surrounding the Australian beef and dairy cattle industries; pig and poultry farming and the so-called "RSPCA approved" and "free range" egg industry. It exposes the hypocrisy and abhorrent, barbaric treatment of animals (including pigs, cattle, goats, turkeys and chickens) by both farmers and abattoir workers - more horrific than last year's Four Corners expose' of the treatment of Australian farm animals in livestock exportation and by foreign countries.