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Present your states 1790 Connecticut Bill of Rights vote to the Department of Commerce and US Archivist David Ferriero for presentation to Congress.

We are under represented in the House of Representatives. The amount of Representatives per the amount of people is the House is vastly understated nor equal between states. The different can be as great as 500,000 people per representative. The simple solution was the one the found fathers came up with. To have one Representative for every 50,000 people and equalize our votes in the House. We as a group of people that believe that by presenting the Connecticut Bill of Rights vote from 1790 (unknown as being voted on till 2011) will allow Congress to be notified that the Congressional Apportionment Amendment (Article the First) can now be promulgated to Congress and the correct amount of Representatives per our population should take place as soon as possible. This amendment was ratified by 80% of the states by 1792 if you include the Connecticut vote of 1790 and always should have been part of the ratified amendments of the Bill of Rights with only the Pay Amendment (Article the 2nd) not being ratified. There is no doubt this happened and it can not be argued by the Government, who agreed it was ratified in 1792 but that a lawsuit to force the Government to present it to Congress was outside the scope of the Courts. The Senators of Connecticut can fix that issue by now presenting their 1790 vote.

The 1790 Connecticut Bill of Rights Vote was never presented to Congress or if it was, it was never tablulated in Thomas Jeffersons mark up book for which states did or did not vote for the 12 amendments of the Bill of Rights. Because of that, it is widely believed that Connecticut never voted for the Bill of Rights at all. In 2011, it was discovered in the Connecticut state archives that in fact, Connecticut did vote for the 12 amendments and by adding their votes, caused the last remaining amendment, the Congressional Apportionment Amendment to be ratified with enough votes to be ratified by 1792 if you count Connecticuts vote, which you should. By presenting that 1790 vote by the standing US Senators of Connecticut to Congress, Connecticuts vote will be properly recorded in history and America can then decide if that amendment should be followed by our country by returning the House of Representatives to the local representation that was intended by the founders when the Congressional Apportionment Amendment, the real first amendment of the Bill of Rights was created and voted on in the 1700's. Stand for One, Stand for All.

Scott Neuman and the Democratic-Republican Party of NJ.

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