Impeach Ian from IDW!

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In a research from a video like this one: I've just heard that someone did tell me that Flynn hated The Freedom Fighters. And it shows in the reboot. He and Jonathan Gray are the ones who ruined Sally. And worse yet, he now almost kills Sonic in the IDW publishing! Moreover, he really, and seriously, has to be fired, and out of both IDW and the USA.

Ian Flynn has been lying through his teeth about the existence of Mandates, and tried to pin the blame on SEGA. But we all do realise that SEGA owns the Freedom Fighters after all.  

Up till now, we only doing to learn the truth about what Ian Flynn has done by abuse power lie the fans betrayal and turn comics into his personal pet project and manage to make the Freedom Fighters and Sally like become not relevant. It would be a betrayal to the legacy of the Sonic franchise and the fans of these characters if they are not given a home as mainstays in the IDW series.

There have been various sources from that have researched this possibility, and the evidence is just too great to ignore. For example, Flynn has gone out of his way to backpedal on a previous statement by saying that SEGA didn't own the characters, despite that a simple look through any of SEGA's legally owned martial in the public records of the United States copyright office would prove otherwise. Let alone that he stated Sticks the Badger can come in despite being from a branch of the Sonic franchise similar to where the Freedom Fighters are from. And considering the large amounts of control he has been given over the book resulting in the questionable level of quality the IDW Sonic series has so far, It isn't very suppressing that this petition has been rather slow these past four months. 

SEGA owned the Freedom Fighters after all. But thankfully, Sega's mind set has become far more open in the recent years. From including the once obscure Mighty and Ray in both Sonic Mania and it's animated stream show, to Having modern Sonic games contain Western Sonic features like Sonic Forces adapting a similar setting to the fan favourite TV show, Sonic SatAM. Plus according to a couple of our fellow supporters, IDW are considering making other Sonic comics based on other branches of the franchise, and have already begun hiring other writers. So IDW has thankfully provided other ways to for Sally and her crew to return to comics as well. 

Finally, to conclude all of this, I realise that Flynn is not an honest man and he has to stop working no matter what. He had better to be fired and expelled from both the IDW Publishing and also from his country, the United States. Better he should work for other companies abroad, at least in small companies in Kenya, or in Austria.

We need our voice to be heard about Flynn and  IDW Sonic comics. We need to tell them we don't want what they're selling and want something better.