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Protect Papahānaumokuākea and the Pacific Remote Islands #MonumentsForAll

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I am a surfer, photographer, and shark attack survivor from the island of Kaua‘i. I am passionate about marine conservation, particularly what's going on with shark conservation and the rapid decline of shark populations worldwide. I also feel a calling to help others overcome adversity, and enjoy being an outreach to other amputees and the adaptive/disabled community.

The amount of sharks needlessly killed is insane, about 100 million a year. It is a completely unsustainable rate considering extinction is forever. As predators, they play an invaluable role in our marine ecosystem.  We need our oceans to be living and functioning, or our lives, regardless of on land or water, will become greatly affected over time.

On Wednesday April 28th President Donald Trump signed an executive order to review recent monument designations, which includes Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) and the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monuments. We’re talking about areas of our ocean that are the least damaged on this Planet—with shark-dominated ecosystems, 4,000 year old coral, and countless undiscovered species. These habitats were supposed to be protected in perpetuity and free from any commercial extraction. Now, President Trump has directed the Interior and Commerce Secretaries to review the need for these vital protections. Trump has given these agencies 45 to 180 days to come up with a plan. We need your urgent help to uphold the current protections in our Pacific monuments.

In the Pacific, oceanic whitetip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) and silky sharks (Carcharhinus falciformis), highly migratory species that were once categorized as two of the most abundant species of large marine animals, have declined significantly. Populations of these species have dropped to such low levels that fishing vessels are now prohibited from retaining them. Despite this ban both species are still incidentally caught and killed on longlines in Pacific waters. Since the Pacific Remote Islands and Papahānaumokuākea monuments are within the habitats for both oceanic whitetip and silky shark, the protected areas ensure that populations of these vulnerable sharks are safeguarded—along with the countless other species like whales, turtles, sea birds, and more.

Please join me in encouraging President Trump to leave existing protections in place by signing my petition.


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