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Stop Landlords from Requiring Declawing

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I'm urging HUD to add a provision to section 960.707 (c) of HUD regulations that would prohibit Public Housing Authorities (PHA's) from requiring declawing of cats. Section 960.707 (c) already prohibits PHA's from requiring dogs to be devocalized and to prohibit the declawing of cats would be a simple matter for HUD to add to existing policy. Declawing is a painful surgical procedure that amputates the last bone on each toe. It is medically unnecessary and can be counterproductive for protecting property. Many cats develop destructive behavior after being declawed such as urinating outside their litter box because it hurts to dig. Owners can easily train their cats to use designated scratchers and there are many humane alternatives to declawing. It is unfair to force residents to choose between costly and cruel surgical amputations or giving up their pet.

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