Requiring the Mexican government to support unemployed people during the quarantine

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One of the worst problems in Mexico is all the unemployed people, generating facts as poorness, less national production, the devaluation of the peso, and even emotional problems as stress, depression, and anxiety.

With the Covid-19, we have registered high rates of unemployment in the two last months. Last month there was 3.25% of unemployment, this month is approaching 2.94%. Experts prognosticate these numbers to go up, reaching 3.90% sun.

There is a small page on SEGOB´s website, where you can do a procedure for unemployment's security, the problem is this is not working because there are hundreds of people without a job and this little government's program can´t reach everybody.

There are a lot of things where the government can help us during these difficult times, starting with a better program for unemployed people, where they can get enough money to survive. The government can help us delay the tax payment; that way will be easier to succeed in this quarantine and will help other people not going bankrupt.

There are a lot of social programs we don´t use or we don´t need right now, so we can redirect this money to all the people with the closed economy, and that way more Mexicans will be able to enjoy the Mexican future.

This petition is made for the English Class in UVM 5th grade, group 55B, made by Salgado Téllez Paulo Rodrigo, Viveros Villegas Judith and Velázquez Álvarez Carmen Abril