Demand world leaders protect and restore forests worldwide

Demand world leaders protect and restore forests worldwide

August 1, 2019
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Sec. Gen. of the United Nations: Mr. Antonio Guterres
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Why this petition matters

Started by Growing Air Foundation

We need to achieve a safer level of CO2! 350 ppm (parts per million) is the upper safe limit & at this time we are now above 410ppm which is decidedly unsafe i.e. the increase in storms, melting of ice shelves, floods, land/mudslides, global heatwaves etc. Scientists have now declared trees THE state of the art technology in sequestering CO2! Add to that the facts that trees/forests are the planets air conditioners and healthy forests normalise climatic patterns. They also state that if forests worldwide were to be restored those forests would sequester a decades worth of  CO2. 

Forests are also:

1. integrated ecosystems and home to the highest concentration of biodiversity on earth!

2. major players in the carbon and water cycles that make life possible as well as playing a key role in the local water cycle by helping to keep the balance between water on land and water in the atmosphere.

3. play major roles in combating climate change – sequestering CO2, cooling the planet, normalising climatic patterns as stated above, providing natural habitat for wildlife.

4. Stop mud/landslides and protect water tables.

5. provide oxygen

In light of the dire conditions of forests worldwide and the environmental affects of forest destruction, we include in our demand the banning in perpetuity of logging, oil drilling, the building of dams, fossil fuel exploration, cattle ranching, soy production, palm oil, agriculture (destroyed rain forest land only yields 3-4 years of agriculture), GMO’s and all other actions that cause destruction of existing temperate, boreal and rain forests around the world with full protection as World Heritage Sites whereby replanting programs and projects will be implemented, to conserve,  protect and restore (CPR) as well as teach about the importance of forests. 

Time is critical but there is still a window of opportunity to turn this mess around and keep global temperatures below the 1.5°C rise that so threatens life on our planet. Fighting climate change must include the restoration and protection of rain forests around the world for now and future generations. All life, including the lives of our children and grandchildren deserve a living, breathing and healthy planet!

This petition is unique in that it does not demand a portion of a forest be protected but all forests in their entirety be protected and restored. Make your demand known by signing and sharing. This petition with all signatures will be hand delivered to Sec. Gen. of the United Nations: Mr. António Guterres.

Thank you,

Leora Rosner


Support now
Signatures: 9,893Next Goal: 10,000
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Sec. Gen. of the United Nations: Mr. Antonio Guterres