Stop Murrayfield Ice rink from closing it’s doors for good

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Murrayfield Ice Rink Ltd has been open to the public since 1952.

Millions of people have been through its doors, many of which think of it as their second home. 

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic Murrayfield had to temporarily close its doors. That however has now been extended to the “foreseeable future”.

There is no date for when Murrayfield Ice Rink will reopen or IF it will ever reopen. They released a statement recently stating that it is not financially viable for them to open as they rely so largely on public attendance. 

There are many struggling leisure facilities because of this outbreak so Murrayfield is not alone. We are asking the Scottish government to take not only people’s physical health into consideration which these venues help with but also people’s mental health allowing them to relax, make new friends and stay healthy. 

Murrayfield has so many clubs that use this facility it would be a shame for Edinburgh to lose it’s only ice rink but also for Scotland to lose its largest ice rink. 

Murrayfield Ice Rink has lots of ice hockey teams that will be desperate to get back as well as lots of figure skaters who are in the same position not to mention all the recreational skaters who also will miss this rink so much.

There have been many great skaters come from Murrayfield such as John and Sinead Kerr. It would be a devastating loss to the country to lose a facility with such history behind it. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for the rink, it’s users, it’s staff, the coaches who work there and all the years it’s been a staple in Edinburgh.