urge the prime minister of Australia act against climate change

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Australia's bushfires as result of unprecedented high temperatures and wind gusts have been raging for weeks, burning millions of hectares of forests, eradicating wildlife, leaving several people dead and converting pristine nature and properties into ashes with unimaginable consequences to the equilibrium of the ecosystems of our planet and the life quality of citizens of Australia and countries else on the globe. The unprecedented destruction that lies ahead can be averted if we all push decision makers as the prime minister of Australia decide to cross the line and make the obvious steps by deciding to act against climate change that will otherwise affect the life of all human sharing the same world. 
Please sign the petition to urge Scott Morrison change his attitude and finally act before the worst scenario one can imagine becomes a nightmare come true for Australians and people around the globe.

"Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Australia.

As people beyond oceans separating their countries of origin from Australia regardless of religious belief pray in God to keep your fellow citizens and the pristine nature of your home country safe from further harm, it is time to consider that unless world leaders as you see into the real causes of the unprecedented catastrophe affecting our globe, thus act accordingly, climate change within time less than anticipated will disrupt life in ever part of the world we all share beyond imagination in a nightmare we let become true. Listen to the voices of reason from all around the world and take the obvious steps in order to avert the sweeping,destruction before it soon becomes irreversible. It is up to you to cross the line and be honoured as a courageous man having acted the right way by children being the future of ours.

Kind regards."