Stop the witch hunt. Support the SASR and Ben Roberts-Smith.

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The Australian SASR is an elite regiment of the Australian Army. Their job is to deploy into the hottest of hot spots to take the fight to people deemed to be a threat to this country.

SASR members are family men, who routinely deployed to Afghanistan and other extremely hostile places in order to do a job that the vast majority of people cannot do.

They are the heroes that you very rarely hear about.

Among them was a man called Ben Roberts-Smith VC. The most highly decorated soldier to have served in the Australian Military in recent years.

Ben Roberts-Smith, and others in the SASR have recently become subject to a "Trial by Media" for actions taken while deployed in Afghanistan. These heroes should not be subjected to this harassment, second guessing and "armchair quarterbacking". They should be recognised as the heroes that they are, doing a tough job under difficult circumstances, putting their lives on the line repeatedly for the guy beside them, for their mates and for all Australians.

You want men like this defending the country. 

Stop the witch hunt. Support the SASR.