Keep your data secure - vote NO to anti-encryption legislation

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The Australian Government has passed world-first legislation that gives law enforcement agencies the ability to read your communications from encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal and Wickr.

The ‘Assistance and Access Bill’ gives agencies like ASIO and the Australian Federal Police the power to request cooperation from both telcos and tech companies in their investigations. This includes potentially forcing companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung and others to create backdoor access to services and devices, making your data more vulnerable to hackers.

The Government claims that the Bill is designed to help catch serious criminals such as terrorists, however, it is more likely to open up a new wave of cyber attacks and data breaches on Australian citizens, businesses and institutions.

The Bill also means that Aussies may miss out on new devices and could potentially lose access to popular messaging and communications services - such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more - should tech companies decide the cost of compliance is too high. Read more about some of the possible repercussions from the Bill here. 

Australians have a right to secure communications and data protection. And as a technology-loving nation, we should not have to risk future access to the products and services that we rely on in the digital age.

The conceivable consequences of this legislation are both extensive and sobering - we cannot ignore them, we need to take action. The purpose of this petition is to show the Australian Government that we - citizens, businesses and communities - strongly object to the Assistance and Access Bill, and want it withdrawn.

Please add your name to the list and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same by passing it on. 

Let's ensure a safe and secure digital environment for all Australians.

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