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Here i am asking for a justice regarding Kim Hanbin’s parts on variety show called Law of The Jungle. We as iKONICS are truly hurting by this innapropriate moves by SBS especially Law of The Jungle PD and editor staff for not only cut Hanbin’s parts on all the episodes that he supposed to appear which are episodes 368 until 372 but bluring his face, painting him with black color to hide him as if Kim Hanbin is criminal when there is no official result yet regarding Hanbin’s issue. They shouldn’t treat him like that when he haven’t officially proven wrong. He’s preparing a lot to join the show and only saying positive things towards the show but he got treated like he’s a criminal when the fact he’s not. And today 27th of February there is a result from the police said that Kim Hanbin officially negative for the drug test. Now we want SBS to release all the hanbin’s parts that they already cut off, blurring and paint it harshly. Please let us enjoying Kim Hanbin’s hardworks during the show.