Say "YES" to the Kawasaki City without HATE SPEECH

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Say "YES" to the ordinance bill for the human-rights-friendly community development without discrimination submitted by the government of Kawasaki City, Japan!!



We are students of Tsuda University who learned about HATE SPEECH attacking to Korean residents in Japan through the fieldwork in Sakuramoto, Kawasaki.

Listening to the story by a sufferer, we strongly realized that HATE SPEECH was not only a problem for Korean residents but also for EVERYONE.

-HATE SPEECH destroys one’s daily life.
-HATE SPEECH hurts one’s heart…forever.

(If you want to know more about hate speech, click here and watch our video〈 Japanese only〉)

But who created such a harsh society with hatred and offense…?

Actually, WE DID.

Most Japanese ignore what happened to the Korean community and do nothing. Doesn’t apathy for the hate speech lead discrimination?

“Then, what can we do for it?”

June the 24th 2019, the government of Kawasaki City submitted the ordinance bill for the human-rights-friendly community development without discrimination. This proposal, aiming for enforcement on July 2020, prohibits hate speech and institutes a penalty (less than 500,000 yen) FIRST in JAPAN. In addition, in order to reconcile the freedom of expression and the regulation of hate speech, this proposal allows the regulation only when the hate speech is repeated. However, on the Internet, in order to circumvent the formation of the ordinance bill, there are many posts that disagree with the proposal and request people to post negative comments about it as public comments by hate-speakers and racists.

What we need now is YOUR SUPPORT!!

Your support can be the first step in the progress of society full of diversity.

Please say "YES" to this campaign!!!
Please post "AGREE" on the public comment web page for the ordinance bill!!!

If you want to have a look at the ordinance bill...Click Here
If you want to access the public comment web page...Click Here

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