Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!


Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!

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Super Natural BC? Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!

A First Nations group with connections to the fishing industry is lobbying the Canadian Government to permit a West Coast Sea lion and Seal Hunt!  “The Pacific Balance Pinniped Society (PBPS)” wants to start a new industry to market the unsafe meat for “high end” restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia and for pet food!  They also want to sell fur and blubber oil. There is a ban on seal-based products in Europe and other countries that includes meat, boots, and coats from the East Coast Seal Hunt.

The PBPS want to first kill 50,000 then 3,000 to 5000 every year afterwards. The seals and sea lions would be inhumanely clubbed, shot (rifles and shotguns) and harpooned by crossbows!

Fishermen have long considered seals and sea lions “pests”, and have illegally shot them. They have also shot orcas calling them “pests” too! They wrongly claim that killing pinnipeds would save salmon for endangered Southern Resident orcas!

If permitted killing pinnipeds would have unforeseen dire consequences. The destruction of Nature’s “balance” was caused by humans devastating fish populations and habitats. The Broken Ocean Food Chain Must Be Mended! Ban Salmon, Herring and Pinniped Slaughter Now!

The Facts to Protect Wildlife and Human Health:

1. Health Hazards:

Studies by Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans have previously s concluded that: Adults are Unsafe to Eat and Eating Babies NOT Publicly Supported! Male seals and sea lions have even higher contaminant levels that can exceed human health advisories. Higher levels also depend on locations.

In addition, DFO had looked at harbor seals for a proposed First Nation “cull” and found levels were high and doubt if seals would be fit for consumption.  Biohazards, such as leptospirosis, were also found.

Consumption limits with possible maximums of 2 – 4 oz weekly would be difficult to safely enforce for restaurant and pet food.

2. Human, Wildlife and Pets at Risk:

Harbour seals remains at risk from persistent organic pollutants that can affect the immune system, making them more vulnerable to diseases, as well as to hormonal disruptions. Young seals obtain the contaminants through their mothers’ milk and from the womb.

In humans there are special concerns for pregnant people as exposure to high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls has been linked with cognitive deficits in young children.

3. Seal Meat Industry NOT allowed in US:

The US NOAA Fishery has looked at contaminants in harbor seal for a proposed Makah “harvest . They also found that “adult male harbor seals contained higher concentrations of contaminates compared to adult females, juveniles or pups”.

Even if levels were safe the US Marine Mammal Protection Act bans the commercial use of marine mammal products. Sea lions and seals cannot be exploited for a meat industry.

4. “Culls” Cause Imbalances:

The 70s West Coast Seal Hunt devastated the population to only 10,000. In ’99 they recovered to normal levels and have been stable since then. The populations are spread out over the entire BC/WA/OR coasts that presently are a “balance”!

5. What Pinnipeds Eat:

Primary food for seals and sea lions is Hake NOT Chinook. If their populations are reduced the hake will eat the juvenile salmon threatening the unstable Chinook populations. California sea lions don't feed on juvenile salmon. Pinnipeds are needed to consume predators of salmon!

6. Extinction of Other Orca Populations:

Proposals to cut pinniped populations in half will devastate the approximate orca population of 300 called “transients”.  DFO has stated:  “Seals are a prey item of transient killer whales, which is of importance to the department to ensure there is a food source for those transients.”

7. Blame the Fishing Industry NOT the Seals!:

Seals have always been the Fishing Industry’s “scapegoats” denying their overfishing. Many species eat salmon! Are they going to “balance”/kill the gulls, herons, mink, river otter eagles, bears, porpoises and dolphins? Killing of seals and sea lions will not save salmon populations in British Columbia.  Climate change, habitat destruction and human’s overfishing are all major reasons for the loss of fish.

Stop the Fishery Industry’s Orca $camon !

There is scientific proof that targeting “pinnipeds” will not save salmon for orcas!

People Have Choices of Food – Wildlife Do Not!  

Stop Money Scams Now or Lose Fish Forever!

Say No to a Senseless Slaughter! Say Yes to Fishing Moratoriums!

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This petition made change with 10,803 supporters!

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