Say NO to a massive new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

Say NO to a massive new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

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Mark Fancett started this petition to Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) and

Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula is sending an SOS. 

Some of our last remaining pristine remnant bushland, which provides vital habitat and a biolink for our native animals, koalas, birds, small mammals and plants, is at risk of being destroyed by a massive new open pit quarry.

The Ross Trust, who own and operate Hillview Quarries, has applied to bulldoze, blast and mine between two sections of the Arthurs Seat State Park. 

If approved this monstrous quarry could see 93 acres of remnant bushland and native habitat bulldozed to open a 107 acre, 190 metre pit. The area they want to destroy is about the same size as Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The size of the pit would be roughly the same as 21 MCGs. They intend on mining the area for 70 years. 

They will cleave Arthurs Seat State Park in two, destroying the biolink for our koalas and other Australian animals. All to extract and crush granite that the State’s own research shows is more readily available elsewhere. 

The mine will create dust, noise and truck traffic on an unprecedented scale. That’s unthinkable in a prized tourist region.

It will also be about 800 metres from the boundary of a primary school and child care centre. Our children deserve much better.

What makes this quarry untenable is that the Ross Trust is a philanthropic charity that has a mission to protect and preserve native flora and fauna. Destroying some of our last wild spaces on the Mornington Peninsula is fundamentally incompatible with the Trust’s own mission.

Please - will you answer our SOS and help us #SaveArthursSeat

By signing this petition, you will be sending a strong message to the Ross Trust that this new mega-quarry is unacceptable and that they should withdraw their application.

You will also be telling our State and Federal politicians that the public will not stand for the destruction of Arthurs Seat.

We are a grassroots community group up against a powerful and well-resourced mining developer. The only way we will win this fight is if we can demonstrate a groundswell of opposition to this massive new quarry.

Please add your signature and share as widely as possible with family and friends. We will keep providing updates.

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95,923 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!