Saving Europe? Send EU youth traveling! #FreeInterrail

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Dear European Commission,

Clear the way for #FreeInterrail: all EU youth should get a voucher for a 30-day Interrail ticket for their 18th birthday. Traveling builds bridges, opens possibilities, and widens perspectives.

Why is this imperative right now?

The European idea depends on the continent's citizens interacting with each other! A unified Europe is not fathomable without personal relationships and friendships crossing borders and cultures. Only those who can experience Europe, can truly appreciate and love it.

However, European mobility remains the privilege of a few! Most citizens have little to no international experience, while select few having disproportionately much of it. This imbalance damages and divides Europe.

  • It is not right when one's social background or parents' income determine who may be a part of Europe and who may not!
  • It is not right when Europe remains a project only for elites!

#FreeInterrail will strengthen European cohesion:

  • prejudices, stereotypes, and biases are reduced.
  • mobility becomes a "basic right" for all young EU citizens.
  • traveling by train supports green and sustainable modes of transportation.
  • more interaction between Europeans fosters European identity and solidarity.
  • traveling creates economic opportunities.
  • #FreeInterrail allows the EU to prove their commitment to youth and their actionability by directly reaching out to all her citizens.

Only by experiencing our continent's different cultures and countries do EU citizens becomes true Europeans.

In short: #FreeInterrail can save Europe and build a strong foundation for peace and solidarity.

Send young Europeans traveling! All EU youth should get a free Interrail ticket for their 18th birthday.



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Still want to do more?

#FreeInterrail is a movement by and for Europeans! Each act of support matters in ensuring that this idea becomes a reality for European youth. You can start right now:

1. Like the #FreeInterrail Facebook page and follow the official Twitter account.

2. Use the hashtag #FreeInterrail in your social media.

3. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about this idea and encourage them to sign the petition and do these three steps.

For more information find the #FreeInterrail website here.