SAVE Wyong Grove Community and Cultural Hub! Don't take away from community! Not for sale!

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SAVE Wyong Grove Community and Cultural Hub! Don't take away from community! Not for sale!

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The Wyong Grove Community & Cultural Hub is the current home of Wyong Drama Group (WDG) which was established in Wyong in 1952 and Wyong Musical Theatre Company (WMTC) which was established in 1996. Both groups have been providing valuable opportunities to the creative youth of the Wyong/Central Coast region since their formation and have produced and showcased many fantastic plays and musicals for the community to enjoy. The Wyong Grove Theatre has also been utilised recently by Tantrum Youth Arts for the production of Hissyfest 2015 and it is a facility that can and has been utilised all year round by local dance schools, cultural gatherings and other arts/sports community groups.

Since the demolition of Wyong Memorial Hall in 2014 to make way for The Art House, that will mainly appeal to major touring productions and only some local shows, WDG and WMTC as well the local community have proactively and retrospectively moved onwards into The Wyong Grove Community & Cultural Hub for the foreseeable future. Plenty of hard work, time and investment has gone into the moving in and construction of The Grove into the theatre that stands today. Many members of the public are impressed and gratified to see high quality theatre productions that are getting today's youth off the streets and are being provided with a friendly environment to practise their art just as the sporting youth have been provided countless sporting fields and facilities to practise their skills across the Central Coast.

Shockingly the NSW Government Department of Education (who were currently leasing the facility to Wyong Shire Council) erected Auction signs without community engagement or notification to the local council in September 2015. The main Auction sign was installed during a recent local community production of Disney's Mulan Jr which subsequently sent shockwaves through the young cast and families. The abrupt and shameful display of lack of care or recognition by the NSW Government Department of Education is unacceptable. 

We plead, as part of the local Wyong Shire community and greater Central Coast region, that the sale of The Wyong Grove Community & Cultural Hub be stopped immediately. This land and facilities should not be subdivided and destroyed to simply raise revenue as we believe the current use of the facility for community engagement and art expression far outweighs the money that could be raised by it's destruction.

The Auction, if not stopped, will take place on Tuesday, October 27 2015 at 10:30am.

Please spread the word how ever you can and thank you greatly for your support.

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This petition had 456 supporters