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Developer Seeks Partnership With Council To Relocate Market Traders?

Save the Shepherd's Bush Market Businesses
London, United Kingdom

Oct 9, 2019 — 

It is no secret that since Transport for London passed over the stewardship of Shepherd’s Bush Market to property developers in February 2014 there has been a shroud of uncertainty brought upon the livelihoods of the Shepherd’s Bush Market traders.
The developer’s initial intention to build 200+ luxury apartments on top of Shepherd’s Bush Market land and severely damage and disrupt all of the market businesses was thankfully prevented by the Shepherd’s Bush Market Tenants’ Association’s legal win in the Court of Appeal.
Court of Appeal Ruling on 18th March 2016: v SSCLG Ruling 18.03.2016.pdf?dl=0

Court of Appeal Ruling on 22nd July 2016: 2016: 22.07.2016.pdf?dl=0
However the property developer’s setback in 2016 due to the judgement of The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Justice Longmore and Lord Justice Lewison, has not diminished the developer’s pursuit to capitalize on the value of Shepherd’s Bush Market land.
The developer’s actions have revealed their ambitions to substitute the market businesses for non-retail market tenancies, and segregate sections of land from the Shepherd’s Bush Market traders and offer the market land to neighbouring landowners.
The developer’s actions have brought a considerable fall in trade, compromised the market’s services and facilities, breached the tenants’ leases and sought various ways in bringing duress to the long-standing and culturally diverse market businesses.
The Hammersmith & Fulham Council are aware of how the traders of Shepherd’s Bush Market have suffered terribly over the past five years, and subsequently the news that the Council is now considering partnering with the developer, bringing further uncertainty to the market community is viewed as shocking.
On the 12th June 2019, the property developer called an impromptu meeting whereby attending Hammersmith & Fulham Council officers stated that the Council holds ambitions to build a development neighbouring to Shepherd’s Bush Market.
The Council officers assured the market traders that Shepherd’s Bush Market would not be part of the development.
On the 21st June, Hammersmith & Fulham Council published a report relating to a proposal for a residential and commercial development and claiming that Shepherd’s Bush Market land would in fact be required for the development.
A proportion of the Council’s report has not been released due to the apparent claim that the exemption of this information outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.
All in all the information offered to the public is limited. However the report does state that it seeks 1.3 million pounds of taxpayers’ money for professional fees and project management costs. The report states that the Council will pay U+I Group Plc. for Development Management services once the Development Management Agreement has been signed. And the report discloses that the development will require U+I Group Plc. to move 20 market premises, which will subsequently affect 15 market businesses.
On 1st July 2019, the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Cabinet passed the report.
The swift passing of this report has angered the Shepherd’s Bush Market community, as the uncertainty that this report brings to the traders’ businesses is not welcomed.
On 7th August 2019 the Shepherd’s Bush Market Tenants’ Association (SBMTA) invited the Hammersmith & Fulham Council representatives to meet and explain the intentions for Shepherd’s Bush Market. Little was revealed except for that the proposal to remove the market businesses for the development is to acquire both temporary and permanent access to Shepherd’s Bush Market land for the neighbouring lands.
It is viewed to be most strange that despite the Council’s report being specific about the removal of 20 market premises affecting 15 market businesses, the Hammersmith & Fulham Council are still unable to state the location of these 20 market premises.
The Hammersmith & Fulham Council has confirmed that the idea of the removal of 20 market premises has originated from the developer U+I Group Plc. 
The market community are baffled as to how the Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s report has entertained proposals to remove market businesses that may result in significant disruption and disturbance to the whole of the market, bringing compromise to the security of the market businesses, along with detriment to the Shepherd’s Bush Market services and facilities. Of course, the potential noise and air pollution should not be overlooked as this may affect residents, traders and visitors, young and old.
The market traders are distraught and with just cause. If this development is allowed then it is highly unlikely that Hammersmith & Fulham Council will be able to adequately compensate, protect and safeguard all of the traders and their businesses from the repercussions that this development may bring.
The market community is shocked as to why the Council’s report is clumsily considering these proposals, which may bring havoc and disorder to the Shepherd’s Bush Market businesses in light of the struggles over previous years.
It is understood that the Hammersmith & Fulham Council & U+I Group Plc.’s development seeks greater access to the neighbouring lands (known as the Old Laundry Site Area and the St Mungo’s Broadway Centre) however this could all be achieved by seeking access via Pennard Road, the Bush Theatre, or the developer’s other landholdings on St Mungo’s Broadway Centre area and Goldhawk Road.  
The hastiness and ambiguity surrounding the Council’s report has raised concern yet the fear of Hammersmith & Fulham Council partnering with a developer who is felt to have bought so much duress to so many market traders brings even greater anxiety as Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s future impartiality may be questioned.

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